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  • Overall Rating 80% 80%
  • Truck 70% 70%
  • Equipment 80% 80%
  • Guides 70% 70%
  • Food 90% 90%
  • Wildlife 80% 80%
  • Places Visited 90% 90%
Acacia Truck
The road ahead
Climbing Dune 45
Lions hunting a giraffe
Lion cub

Johannesburg to Cape Town with Acacia

Date: November 7 to the 1st of December.
Itinerary: Johannesburg to Cape Town
Tour Type: Overlanding
Company: Acacia Africa

I took this tour because I was at Cape Town and wanted to know more about Africa. For 25 days we drove around South Africa, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia. In the end I was really happy I took the tour and gained great memories and great friends.


The truck was our home for the 25 days. It can take a maximum of 24 passengers plus the guide and driver.

Luckily for this tour we had a maximum of 13 people and a minimum of 9 so we were comfortable in there having 2 seats for each person. This helped a lot as you can sleep while en route or just relax your body in the seats without bothering anyone.
We crossed paths with other trucks that were full and I got the impression they had a hard time inside.

Other than that, the truck has individual lockers for your bags and some trucks have USB ports where you can charge your devices while driving. Our first truck had these ports, the second one did not.

The only downside of this truck is that you can´t open the sides so you get a feeling of being in a cage. After a while you get used to it and just open every window available.


The tour provides tents and mattresses for everyone but you have to share if it´s full. Once again we were lucky because we were only 13 at most so everyone got their one tent. The tents are easy to set up and the mattresses are comfortable.

The rest of the equipment was perfectly adequate for the tour and we had no problems cooking meals or reading some of the wildlife books supplied.


The food was really good and plentiful. We even got to try game meat like impala, kudu, zebra, crocodile, ostrich, etc.

The Guide and Driver

The tour operator supplies a guide and a driver for the duration of the trip. Since this trip meant going from Johannesburg to Livingstone on one truck and then switching to another from Livingstone to Cape Town we had two different sets of guides.

The first set of guides consisted of a very nice married couple, he drove the truck and she was the guide.
I have to say although they were really nice people I think they let the group down and if they were the only guides in this tour I would´t have enjoyed it as much. The first day we arrive she tells us she has malaria and for the remainder of the trip she was sick all day. He tried to fill in for both roles with us but it did not work.
She should have been replaced immediately until she got better. A lesson to learn Acacia!

The second set of guides was completely different. A driver from Zimbabwe and a South African guide made the rest of our tour really pleasant. The guide was knowledgeable about the countries we were in and took the time everyday after dinner to ask us if we enjoyed our day and to supply us with some information regarding the place we were in.
The driver was also a really good person, very humble and always ready to help in whatever thing needed be done.


This tour goes through some really beautiful places like the Namib Desert (you get to climb dune 45), Fish River Canyon, the Kalahari desert in Botswana, etc…

As for wildlife we got to see a lot in places like the Kruger National Park, Etosha National Park, Chobe River, etc… If you like wildlife you won´t be disappointed.

Lessons Learned

– If you´re in the Namib Desert, it´s your birthday, you´re drunk and you feel like going to the toilet, take the slippers so you don’t get nasty acacia spikes in your feet! :)

– Always put the rain cover in the tents and put your luggage bag inside so the tents don´t fly when it´s windy.

– When having dinner and the food is really hot take 2 plates so you don´t burn your legs.

To find out more about this and other trips read the blog posts under the category Overland.

  • Overall Rating 80% 80%
  • Truck 80% 80%
  • Equipment 90% 90%
  • Guides 90% 90%
  • Food 70% 70%
  • Wildlife 60% 60%
  • Places Visited 80% 80%
Drifters Truck
Equator Line
Sunrise in Uganda

Uganda with Drifters

Date: June 29 to the 12th of July
Itinerary: Uganda
Tour Type: Overlanding
Company: Drifters Adventure Tours

This was the first tour I took after I quit my job. I was tired of working round the clock and just wanted to have some adventure so I chose to go to Uganda mainly because of the Gorillas. In the end I had an amazing time and was hooked on overlanding!


The truck can take a maximum of 12 passengers plus the guide/driver (same person).

This truck was a 4×4, open sided truck with a trailer to carry our tents and equipment. The sides of the truck were open but could be closed in case of rain with a plastic cover. The best part about this truck is that it had an opening on the front so you could climb on to the roof where you had 4 seats. Driving in the bush with 4 people on the roof makes for the most amazing views!

There are no USB ports but you do have two power slots in the front so you can charge your devices on the road.


The tour provides tents and camp beds (really easy to mount) for everyone but you have to share because they only take half the passenger maximum. The tents were really good, easy to set up and the camp beds are comfortable and stand high above the ground so no problems with creepy crawlers.

The rest of the equipment was perfectly adequate for the tour and we had no problems cooking meals or reading some of the wildlife books supplied.


The food was not one of the highlights of the tour. It was not bad or anything like that but it was not as tasty as we thought it could be.
I think some part of the problem lies in Uganda not having big supermarkets where you can stock really good food but the other part has to do with the guide and driver being the same person. This tends to overwhelm the person with too many tasks and something has to get left behind.

The Guide / Driver

The tour operator supplies a guide/driver for the duration of the trip. He was really good and knew everything about the country, the animals, the birds, the bush, etc. You could see he was meant to do this and loved living in the bush and sleeping outside (sometimes on top of the truck).

All in all he was the best guide I came across so far.


Uganda is a really beautiful country, green and lush and you get so see some really nice scenic places like Lake Mburo, Ishasha, Queen Elizabeth National Park, etc.

As for wildlife, if you´re into primates you´ll be in heaven. The Gorillas are amazing to see and the chimpanzees were a real treat. I mean when they all start to make a ruckus in the forest and you realise you´re not alone there you understand what a special experience this is.

Other than the primates, various antelope, buffalo and hippos the rest of the wildlife is really scarce and hard to see. Don’t expect to see the big 5!

Lessons Learned

– If you´re going to sleep on top of the truck do remember to take a waterproof sleeping mattress and a good mosquito net (mine had a hole).

– Africa is not only savannah. Uganda is green and lush and beautiful.

Since i didn’t have the blog at the time of this tour I will do a post in the future about it so stay tuned!