Cape Town

South Africa is one of the African countries that amazes me the most. And Cape Town is the place for fantastic scenery, outdoor lifestyle, beach and mountain.

From wine tasting to shark cage diving, the number of experiences available make it a really good option for vacations and everyone in South Africa knows that. And it can be seen from the number of people that go there in the summer.

Of all the places to go there, Stellenbosch is where I felt at home and where I am going after I settle down.

Project Status

Date Started
September 2013

Strand Beach

Went to the beach one afternoon and this came out. Amazing!

Strand Beach

Harley Davidson

The biker clubs usually go for an afternoon ride if the weather is right so you get to see a lot of Harley Davidson bikes.

Harley Davidson

Chapman´s Peak

Afternoon ride to Chapman´s Peak for some wonderful scenery.

Chapman's Peak

Lemur in Monkeytown

In Monkeytown you can go for a contact experience with the residents. This fella was the most friendly and beautiful of the lot!