Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first. - Mark Twain

Monkey Business!

So you like monkeys and their goofy ways. You must go to Monkey Town! Monkey Town is a private grounds with over 250 monkeys from 28 different species. There´s monkeys for every...

Two Oceans Aquarium.

Since the weather was cloudy and raining i decided to go to the Cape Town Two Oceans Aquarium. You enter into a big room where there are lots of fish tanks, most of them filled with fish i...

Blogging is hard!

I mean it´s hard work! You have to set up all the photos, bring yourself to remember everything you've done and write about it. Then you have to upload everything, verify the post and publish it. You either set up a workflow or you´re in for some big trouble and long...

Lazy Day

So today was lazy day. I just hung out at home, went to the mall for lunch and at the end of the afternoon i went to the beach. Just 5 minutes car ride. It´s a good life!

Cape Town living.

Being here in Cape Town for about a week now I can start to get a real feeling for how the people live here. Most of the people settle around Cape Town because they work there and it's a normal city environment. The advantage is...

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