So here I am back in South Africa, on the verge of beginning a year long safari guide course.

What brought me here? A plane. :) And the desire to leave the normal days behind and just go into the bush where everything is simple an uncomplicated.

It’s funny how things change in your life once you know what you don’t want. I don´t want city life (at least for now), don´t want to breathe city air, see cars all the time, work with people who are only interested in self-preservation or be locked in a home with nothing but technology to keep me company.

I clearly don’t know what I do like or what direction life is going to turn into but knowing what you don’t like is like having a rudder governing your own life. Once you know you don’t like something you can steer away from it. Inevitably you will arrive somewhere you like. It’s just a matter of time.

So even if this year turns out not to be what I want it will surely be another adventure to tell and a whole bag of life experience!

It starts tomorrow.