So I finally decided my next destination. I´m going to do a One Year Safari Guide Course.

The course starts in March and comprises all the theory and practice in order to be able to do game rides on dangerous areas whether by car or on foot.

Here´s a list of some of the modules:

1.    FGASA Field Guide Level 1 (theory and practical)
2.    FGASA Trails Guide Back Up (theory and practical)
3.    Advanced Rifle Handling
4.    Animal Tracks and Tracking
5.    Basic Birding
6.    Advanced Birding
7.    Wilderness Medicine: Level 1 & 2
8.    Navigation and Orientation
9.    Lodge placement programme

Most of the course will take place inside the Kruger Park in the Selati and Karongwe reserves along with one month in Botswana in the Mashatu reserve on the Tuli Block.

There is also a lodge placement program for 5 months so students can get the relevant work experience needed to work in the field.

This will be a really great opportunity to learn about wildlife in Africa and to spend some time in the bush.

The webpage for the course is here if you´d like to know more:

Right now I´m busy getting all the relevant documentation in order to get a student visa to enter South Africa so that I can take the course.

Also I am looking into buying some equipment such as a good sleeping bag and a good pair of binoculars.

It´s going to be a fun year!