As agreed on the tour, some of us went Shark Cage Diving the day after it ended.

We were supposed to be picked up at 5:30 in the morning but we only went at 9 so we got to sleep in late. After pickup we were transported to Gansbaai were we had breakfast, security procedures briefing and then headed out to sea.

Shak Cage Diving was amazing and a lot more secure than i expected. The cage is secured to the boat and there are 6 of us inside at each given time so you don’t feel alone in there.

The sharks take no interest on the cage and the only thing that bothers you is the coldness of the water (11 degrees celsius).

They responded to the bait and we got to see them up close. The biggest ones were 3 meters long and although its medium size for a White Shark it seemed big enough for us!

For me the best part is when you´re on the boat on the scenic deck and you just watch the sharks around the cage. When you´re underwater it gets dificult to see them although we got to see them pretty close since one of them just stayed for 30 seconds in front of the cage battling with the bait.

At the end of the day they brought us back and i got dropped off at the airport were i got my rental car.

It was a fun day and the sharks are truly amazing!