Day 3 was just driving. Day 4 was more exciting, we woke up early, headed to elephant sands and got there just after lunch.
Elephant Sands is a camping ground where they built a man made waterhole and fill it with water three times a day for the elephants to drink. The waterhole is located right near the pool and rest area and you get to see the elephants from a few feet away. I mean they are really close and they just tolerate our presence because we give them water.
A couple of people were shooting they’re cameras right besides the elephants and they just walked inside the compound in order to let them now that getting that close is not tolerated. Amazing!
The elephants pretty much walk around camp and do whatever they want there. It’s not dangerous unless you do something stupid and they just ignore us for the most part.
On the evening we saw wild dogs come to waterhole and drink but they were there for just a couple of minutes because the elephants don’t like them and just chased them away.

It was a really good experience and a trip highlight for sure!