This was one of the most amazing experiences I had so far. We woke up early and drove from Windhoek to Etosha National Park. Once we got there we went to check a small waterhole before we got to Okaukuejo Campsite.

Set up tents, lunch and relaxed afternoon at the pool. The campsite has a waterhole and benches all around so you can just sit and watch the animals.
We went there, saw an elephant and some giraffes and then got back for dinner. Some of my trip mates stayed there for 5 more minutes and saw lions! I was jealous.

I went there after dinner, the lions were gone and the giraffes were drinking some water. Suddenly they all go to the side except for a young one which was still drinking and we start to see something moving in the dark. Lions! They came really sneaky, got closer and closer to giraffe until they launched a full on attack! It was amazing to see the kill right in front of your eyes!
Wat´s best is that the giraffe got killed like 30 meters from the fence so you could see them eating although it was really dark cause the flashlights are only pointed at the water.
I was so excited afterwards that I couldn’t sleep. It’s one thing to see lions in the wild but to observe them stalking and killing a prey was much more than I had hoped for this trip.
On the next day I woke up early at 4 and went to the waterhole as the lions were leaving and the jackals started feasting on the remains.

This was a day to be remembered for a long time!