Day 11 started with a 4×4 ride to the bush campsite where we´ll stay the night. The campsite is located in the Okavango Delta right near a river and the local people use canoes called Mokoro to travel around.

Once we got there we set up shop in the tents, went for a mokoro ride in the river and came back for lunch. Then a huge thunderstorm hit us so we could not go for the afternoon game walk and had to just sit on the tents while the lightning hit the trees right in front of us!

The next day we went for a morning game walk and headed back to the truck on the main campsite. In the afternoon we took a scenic flight over the delta to watch the amazing scenery and wildlife.

We got back in one piece and learned that we had just used the third most dangerous airport in the world. The airport is dangerous because the heat creates airflow and the airplanes get a bumpy ride! After this adventure we just went back to main camp and relaxed.