So you like monkeys and their goofy ways. You must go to Monkey Town!

Monkey Town is a private grounds with over 250 monkeys from 28 different species. There´s monkeys for every taste, from the Chimpanzees to the Spider monkeys and to the smaller species that just look like gremlins!

They also have monkey interaction where you go into a compound and feed tame monkeys. This experience is amazing and the monkeys are all over you! I mean, they climb up your legs and sit at your shoulders until they get tired or someone else entices them with food. It´s great fun and the monkeys are really a treat to watch and interact with.

Aside from the monkeys you can also view a caracal and some suricata as well as some turtles. They just wander around there and try to get to the food on time!

I can tell you that some of the monkeys are really smart but you have to see it to believe it! Just don´t miss the feeding time guided tour and you will see what i mean.

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