Since the weather was cloudy and raining i decided to go to the Cape Town Two Oceans Aquarium.

You enter into a big room where there are lots of fish tanks, most of them filled with fish i had never seen. It´s really great because the tanks are small and you get to go up close with the fish.
Explanations in each tank were very well thought of and the feeling was a great good one.

Moving into the next room you end up in a place where the kids can actually touch some of the sea species, especially starfish and anemone. After that, if you go on the way down (like i did) you end up in a kids playground that´s filled with parents trying to entertain their young.

Backtracking and heading up you go through to the penguins. It was the moulting season at the time so they seemed more like vagabond penguins than emperor! These little buggers always get a good laugh out of me because of their silly movements and scruffy looking hair.

On the way out you go through the main tanks, full of maritime species including the big sharks like we have in Portugal! I mean these guys have big teeth! These are the tanks where you can book a dive with the sharks.

I gotta say it must be funny to go into the Aquarium and when you look at the tank there´s a guy inside petting a shark!

As you leave you also get to see a photo exhibition from a couple that toured africa for conservations purposes. Great photos there but i honestly can´t remember the name of the exhibit!

Overall it was a great time at the Aquarium and it´s as good as the portuguese. Just a little smaller.

If you want to know more take a look at their website: