Being here in Cape Town for about a week now I can start to get a real feeling for how the people live here. Most of the people settle around Cape Town because they work there and it’s a normal city environment. The advantage is that right next to the city you have a beachfront where you can enjoy a different lifestyle. You can go for a run on the beachfront, take a scenic ride along the roads to enjoy the views or maybe spot some whales or you can just relax and have a beer at the many beachfront cafés. It’s wonderful!

Opposite the beach is the wine region where again you have beautiful scenery of the wine estates surrounded by the mountains. There you can just enjoy a nice walk in the wild, hike a mountain, go for coffee on some wine estate’s deli or just take a ride on your Harley Davidson and let the wind on your face and the amazing scenery take you somewhere new. You can also go wine tasting, olive tasting, brandy tasting or cheese tasting in most of the wine estates there. From what I can gather most people live the outdoor lifestyle either settling in a nice place or just going for some weekend tour around the various sites.

It’s amazing and I love it!