I mean it´s hard work!

You have to set up all the photos, bring yourself to remember everything you’ve done and write about it. Then you have to upload everything, verify the post and publish it.

You either set up a workflow or you´re in for some big trouble and long nights. I´m still working on my workflow but here are some basic rules i learned:

– Keep photo work to a minimum. this means shooting in jpeg instead of raw and taking care to shoot the photos as best as you can so you can minimise post work.

– Write everything that you experience or at least take the flyers from where you´ve been so you can remember.

– Buy a local cell data card and use it to get the photos and text uploaded to the site.

– iPad doesn’t work well with WordPress so a laptop is a must for blog posting.

I´ll be updating this post as i get more experience so check back often.